Transfer of Study/Studentship

In Armenia Universities, it is possible to transfer from another University for the continuation of study. The stage of admission for transferring students will be determined by the receiving university.

Students who wish to transfer must make available all their credentials from their current University and get them authenticated for admission processing.

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Fee Payable/ Structure

Though fees in these Universities are varied from one another but we have provided the fee information that are generic for your guidance.

Tuition fee:

  1. MBBS: $ 4,000/ $5000
  2. Pharmacy: $1,000
  3. Nursing: $ 1000
  4. Engineering $ 2000
  5. Business / Social Science $2000/$2500

University Representative Agency fee: $500

Accommodation and Feeding: $2000 first year. Student can stay outside the University as from second year.

Zenith Admission Processing Fee: $1000. Admission processing fee is paid in two instalments.  First, $500 is paid when an admission offer is issued, and the second installment when visa is issued

Registration Fee: N10,000. Paid at the point of uploading applicant admission processing documents

Visa Fee and Related Visa Processing Expenses:   Applicants are to pay $35 visa fee online and other fees that may relate directly with visa processing.


    1. Tuition and Accommodation fee are paid when the student arrives at the University.
    2. Agency fee are paid to the University Representative/ Agent by the student on arrival at Armenia
Study in Armenia
Study in Armenia


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