Earning Opportunity

Zenith Education has designed a system in which every body can earn genuine money from this Study in India opportunity. This system of earning is premise on the following facts and /or arrangements:

Zenith Education/Study In India Earning Facts

Fact I

The Study in India programme is real and genuine from the source and it provides opportunities for countless Nigerian students of all categories to degrees - bachelor, master and doctorate. The scholarship/wavier fee is provided by Government of India and is made available to the University in form of tuition fee on each student that got the scholarship/fee waiver.

Fact II

The number of scholarship/fee waiver on yearly basis is close to hundred thousand, it is believed that Nigerian students can at least get 5000 out of this number in year 2022. In the previous years, due to lack of trust and distrust, lack of information, fear of scammers and others somewhat untenable reasons, Nigerian students hardly get 100 slots in Study in India Scholarship programme. We intend to make the year 2022 application circle different by registering more students and making them benefit financially from the registration process.

Fact III

Zenith Education has signed MOU with its Indian associate universities for commission to be paid on each student who get the Scholarship/fee waive as recommended by Zenith Education.

Fact IV

Rather than spending money on advertisement on radio, television or social media, Zenith Education has decided to share the scholarship information through applicants and interested individuals who are interested in working with us. We have created an opportunity in which people can make good and genuine money via sharing the registration fee and commission with our Registration Associates.

How to Earn in Study in India Programme

Registration Fee Bonus

 If you introduced someone to register for Study in India Scholarship Programme in any of our associates’ universities, you will earn 40% (N6,000) as bonus once the person you refer make payment and registered. Payment will be made to you once your bonus is aggregated to the turn of Ten Thousand Naira Only (10,000) or whatever is your aggregate bonus in a month.


Our associate universities do pay commission on all the students we recommended and who made it to India and eventually resisted in the university. This commission range from $300 - $ 500, depends on the course of study and the University policy. Now, as our Registration Associate, if any of your referred students eventually made it to India and registered in the university, you will be paid 45% of the commission paid by the university.

NOTE: Commission is paid after the students has arrived and registered in the University in India. This is usually after first semester.

If you are interested to be accredited as Zenith Education Registration Representative for Study in India Programme you can fill the form here. 


All question related to Study in India can be found on the official web site of the programme:  https://www.studyinindia.gov.in/faq. If you can’t still get answer (s) to your question, you can send such question via WhatsApp to: +2349092350267.

Zenith Education Registration Representative
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