Study in India Programme

The Study in India programme seeks to endorse India as a prime education hub for international students by inviting them to pursue their higher education in the country.

Who We Are...

Zenith Education and Career Development Nigeria Limited is a registered company with Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria with registration No: RC1704937. The company, since the commencement of operation has recruited more than 2000 Nigerian students to Indian Institutions over the past 10 years. Equally, it has worked with individuals and handle educational training projects for State Governments and Universities. The company was the initiator of the Indian Education Fair 2011 and it participated in FICCI Higher Education Summit 2018. And so many significant achievements has been recorded by the company in the last 10 years in promotion of India -Nigeria education relationship.

What is the Study in India Initiative?

The Study in India programme seeks to endorse India as a prime education hub for international students by inviting them to pursue their higher education in the country. With an attractive set of salient features, the programme is the perfect platform for international students to experience the best of what Indian education has to offer. Therefore, it encourages international students to explore valuable educational opportunities enabled by the top Indian universities.
More of this programme can be viewed on: Study In India website

Our Unique Valued Services

In collaboration with our strategic partners in India we bring innovation and technology driven platform to revolutionize career counseling and business in Nigeria

Study in India Scholarship/Fee Waiver

This programme is designed to provide scholarship or fee waver for international students to study in any of the empaneled Indian Universities. In year 2018 to 2021, the programme covers tuitions, accommodation and feeding. But for year 2022 academic season, the programme shall cover only tuition fee. The scholarship /Fee Waiver is concession offered on tuition fees by the Study in India partner institutes. More than 90,000 fee waivers are granted across 164 Indian institutes but the number of fee waivers available differs from one institution to another.

Zenith Education/Study In India Scholarship Programme

Zenith Education is NOT an empaneled institution for Study in India non a representative of EDCIL (India) Limited (the official company implementing the Study in India programme). Zenith Education represents of a couple of Indian Universities who have been emplaned by EDCIL and it is on the authority via MOU of these institutions that we are promoting the Study in India Programme

Earning Opportunity

Zenith Education has designed a system in which every body can earn genuine money from this Study in India opportunity. Our associate universities do pay commission on all the students we recommended and who made it to India and eventually resisted in the university. This commission range from $300 - $ 500, depends on the course of study and the University policy.

Study in India Loan and Advisory Services

Zenith Education is working with some financial houses/companies to provide Study in India loan for any students who still have financial difficulty in raising enough fund for his/her Study in India programme after securing the scholarship/fee waiver or admission. The loan will be disbursed directly to the University or appropriate channel once it is approved. Teams and condition will be made available to any interested applicant who registered for the programme through Zenith Education.


In year 2019 someone introduced me to Mr Adebayo of Zenith Education for possible admission in India University. I was actually not looking for scholarship but a genuine avenue to get admission into any of Indian University. After my discussion with him, he introduced me to ICCR scholarship to assist my education aspiration in India. The process was long and the requirements were many. At a point l was losing hope coupled with the insinuation that it was a scam , but with the documents and the processes involved l knew it couldn't be fake. One good day, l was called by India High Commission Abuja for interview and l was one of the students selected for year 2019 ICCR scholarship. I am presently in my third year in Anna University, College of Engineering Guindy Tamil Nadu, India. I really appreciate Zenith Education for giving me the opportunity and l appreciate them for their support ever since l arrived India.
Adebiyi Oyinlade Michael.
Anna University, College of Engineering Guindy Tamil Nadu, India.
I was already in one of the Nigerian Universities before l came across the Zenith Education advert for Study in India scholarship programme. Though l had tried the programme in year 2020 without success, hence l knew it was not fake. I decided to pay the registration fee and give it a trial again this time under a professional guidance and direction. I was added to the WhatsApp group and I followed all the processes as stipulated by Zenith Education. I really did not bother when some people were skeptical about the programme calling it all manner of names. Some were still not convinced with all the explanations and evidences provided to support the genuineness of the programme. I was focused, determined and prepared. I wrote the aptitude test. Also the University provided those of us from Zenith Education with past questions and mock exam. This time around l passed and l was offered admission with full (100%) scholarship. I really thank Zenith Education and its teams for their guidance. They are always available to help at all times.
Aigbogun Gideon Dideoluwa
Jain University, India


Registrations are open for Study in India Programme

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