Post Graduate Diploma (With Specializations) - Shoolini University, Solan, India (In Collaboration with International Business Machine - IBM)

Executive Diploma in Artificial Intelligence

Post Graduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

• Certificate in Animation & Graphics

Post Graduate Diploma in Animation & Graphics

Certificate in Cloud Computing

Post Graduate Diploma in Cloud Computing

Certificate in Design Thinking

Post Graduate Diploma in Design Thinking

Certificate in Fintech

Post Graduate Diploma in Fintech

Certificate in Games Design & Development

Post Graduate Diploma in Games Design & Development


Duration:  1 Years

Eligibility/Admission Requirement:

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science /Engineering or it equivalents

Delivery Method – Optional

  • Classroom – Shoolini University, Solan, India


Shoolini University, Solan India – Academic Certificate

IBM- University of Solan, India – Professional/ Skill Development Certificate

Registration Process & Fee

  • Filling of online Registration Form
  • Payment of Registration Fee
  • Uploading of documents: All Certificates, Data page of International Passport
  • Confirmation of Eligibility and Issuance of Acceptance Letter
  • Visa Processing/ Access Code


  • Registration Fee: N30,000
  • Tuition Fee: $2000
  • Accommodation: $1934

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