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MBA – Marketing

MBA – Marketing

Interested in making a career Marketing? Mizoram University provides MBA in Marketing. The best part of this course is that you can complete all the steps; from registering for the course to exams, from the comfort of your home. This course arrangement is suitable for those looking beyond distance education. Our MBA – Marketing program will help you take that important step for you to equip you with the necessary knowledge and exposure required to deal with digital-savvy customers in the 21st century.

MBA - Financial Management

MBA - Financial Management

If financial matters turn you on, then a career after doing an MBA in Finance is suitable for you. At Mizoram University, we have specifically designed an MBA program for you that make it convenient and effective for you to make a career in finance without requiring you to venture out of your home. An MBA in Finance is a four-semester program that is designed to make it easier for aspiring finance professionals to make rapid progress in BFSI or Finance industry.

MBA- Entrepreneurship

MBA- Entrepreneurship

 Do you aspire to take up a leadership position in your field? Do you want to lead your business venture that is growing rapidly? Our MBA in Entrepreneurship program equips budding entrepreneurs with the required knowledge and skills that are much needed for the successful growth and development of a business. The Entrepreneurship MBA program we have developed is perfect for those that are looking beyond classroom learning and distance education.

MBA - Big Data Analytics:

MBA - Big Data Analytics

We live in a day and age where information or data has become more expensive than traditional assets like gold or real estate. An MBA program in Big Data Analytics from Mizoram University will equip you with the right tools to optimise big data and exploit it towards the business goals of any organisation or cause. Surge ahead in your career with our MBA Big Data Analytics course, designed to help learners all about big data analysis and its practical application.

M. Com- E-Commerce

M. Com- E-Commerce

 Ecommerce is a field that has shown rapid growth in the past decade and will continue to do so in the near future. Our Master’s degree in commerce provides the best platform to obtain mid to senior-level positions in the industry. Our Ecommerce course is tailored for working professionals and is highly flexible.

MBA - Logistics & Supply Chain Management

MBA - Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The two-year Master of Business Administration (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) prepares a student to stay competitive, efficient, and effective by using various techniques and skills regarding logistics and supply chain management. The programme facilitates learning using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes, procurement, material management, inventory management, warehouse management, and packaging. After the programme, the student will be able to critically analyze and implement different methods and strategies to ensure effective Logistics management. Some of the key study areas during the programme are Global Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management, Market research, Global Business Environment, and brand management. Students during their last semester also undertake project work and dissertations.


Duration: 2 years

Eligibility: Any bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognized institution. Applicants with relevant work experience of a minimum of two years shall get relaxation in the eligibility conditions for all PG programme.


• Registration Fee: $50

• Course Fee: $500 per year

• Exam Fee: $120- one-time payment


• Fees are to be paid in Naira equivalent per ruling rate at the time of payment

• Fees can be paid in installments

Registration Process

• Filling of online Registration Form

• Payment of Registration Fee

• Uploading of documents

• Confirmation of Eligibility and Acceptance Letter

• Payment of course fee

• Issuance of Access pin

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