Career Counseling Training for School Owners & Individuals.

Licensed Career Counseling Training

Our career counseling programme is to prepare and supports schools and individuals aspiring to tap into the new education frontier (Career Counselling) and provides them with world-class resources to strengthen their practice. The training programme is an all-in-one guide that enhances knowledge and skills of prospective or practicing Career Counsellor.

Licensed Career Counselling programme is design to train   Career Counselors who will deliver a result-oriented counseling session with students and working class. This is the elementary and intermediate training that enable he/she to provide career counseling services to students by using most advanced scientific tool & analysis.

Zenith Education has brought technology, skills and professionalism to the practices of Career Counseling in Nigeria. We have built a system round Career Counseling with chain of services for everybody involved to explore and make a good earning.

Training Objectives

Career Counselling is a serious business and is one of the veritable sources of income for a school or individual, hence the need to be trained on how to handle it as a business.   On completion of the training the person will be equipped to handle the business aspect of the school Career Counseling Services.

Outlines for Career Counseling Training Programme


Day 1: introduction to Psychometric Theories & Analysis in Career Counselling

1: Psychometric Theories & Analysis.
2: Career Interest Analysis of the student Based on Holland Theory.
3: Personality analysis of the student based on the psychometric theory
4: Learning Style analysis Skills & Abilities analysis
5: Psychometric Test, Career Assessments and The Use of Technology Platforms


Day 2: Career Report Analysis and Interpretation

1: How to interpret the 5 Dimensions 32 Pages Career Counselling Reports
2: Videos resources for more than 150+ career paths and 15+ Career Clusters to gain insights of each career path.
3: How to find out minimum 3 most suitable careers paths for the candidate and the list of career paths that should be avoided by the candidate?

Outlines for Career Counseling Training Programme


Day 2: Career Report Analysis and Interpretation

4: What are the Scenarios and factors that need to be considered to find out the most suitable career path?
5: Orientation and Career Counselling Process flow


Day 3 :Career Counseling Business for School & Individuals

1: Career Counseling industry and the business opportunity in Nigeria education System
2: Lead Generation Strategies & Understanding Target Audience
3: Marketing and Branding Techniques
4: Zenith Education Business Model & CRM/Sub-CRM Uses.

Benefits of the Training Programme

The training programme will allow schools owners to establish a professional and functional Career Counseling Unit in their schools with the use of Technology – Artificial Intelligence.

It will help aspiring individuals to work with us as Career Entrepreneur and deliver quality and professional career counseling services to students and parents.

It will equip aspirants with:

  • Certification : participant will have Licensed Certificate in Career Counselling
  • Technology Support
  • Marketing guidance
  • Job Edge
  • Earning Opportunity

This is TWO IN ONE training and on completion, participants can work independently as a Counsellor, Business Associate or combines the two as a single entity and make money from both.

Who should apply?

Registration Procedures

To join us register on:

You can also join our Whatsapp broadcast group for update @ +2349092350267, +2348166324559


UI Hotels, Opp. The Chapel of Resurrection, Along Abadina, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Date & Time

20th - 22rd, April, 2021 : 10 AM - 3PM

Training Fee

The training fee is N100, 000. (One Hundred Thousand Naira Only). Onetime payment of 100k with 20% discount. Installment Payment: Initial deposit of N40, 000 then spread the rest N60, 000 over a period of two months.

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