Online Career Counseling and Personality Assessment for Working Professionals

Online Career Counseling and Personality Assessment for Working Professionals

A large portion of professionals are not satisfied with their jobs and are planning to switch their careers. Mostly the reason is not their abilities but career interest. Our Online career counseling assessment for working professionals can bridge this gap. It will help working professionals to find out the best next move or shift in their career with a detailed execution plan for the next 10 years. Zenith Education is the only known career counseling assessment solution provider for working professionals. Personality Assessment: The personality test is a behavioral test that is used to test individual traits and level of interaction with others in place of work. It can be used in organization to assess staff suitability for career development, promotion and others. It also can used to determine job seeker’s behavioral fitness and suitability for the job.

Online Psychometric Test for Students and Professionals in Nigeria

The population of students in Nigeria is said to be more than 25 millions in all level of education put together.  On yearly basis more than 3 million students write WAEC, NECO, NABTEB and UMTE exams all together.  Unlike in the past, things are changing and the students face a lot of uncertainty and challenges. Many of the career options of those days are disappearing  but technology has eased the ways and methods of doing things, hence the students are to be made prepared for this future. If the future of the students is to be secured and brighter, it can only be secured and bright when they choose the right career path, or when they get the right career guidance at the right time. That is where the psychometric test comes into picture.

Online psychometric tests for students are the need of the hour.  Career counsellors use psychometric tests to analyze the personality, aptitude, learning style for the students.

Career planning is definitely a challenging process in the students’ life. To overcome this challenge, psychometric tests help give the best results for students in effective career planning. Nowadays there are so many career options available. It is imperative for a student to get confused and feel directionless. With the help of online psychometric tests, the journey of the student’s life becomes smoother which aligns with the career interest.


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