Business Opportunity in Career Counselors

Career Counseling is a unique area in education sector that has not the exploited in Nigeria. With population of about 80 million students and very large numbers of working professionals, there a lot of opportunities in Career counselling business.

Who are Career Counsellors?

Career Counsellors are trained to provide both online and offline counselling to students and working professionals that are in need of a career guidance and direction. They are through-breed professional trained to interpret the psychometric report of students and working professionals and offer proper counselling. Zenith Education, in conjunction with the international experts, we offer a one of its kind Certification in Career Counseling programme delivered in a blended, offline and online classroom format.

Who Can Be a Career Counsellor?

  1. Teacher & Educationist
  2. University graduate of Psychology, Guidance and Counseling
  3. University graduate of any Education courses
  4. University graduate or its equivalent in any course that has flare for counseling
  5. Human Resource Officer

Training Categories

Career Counselling Training

As prospective counsellors you will be trained and equipped to deliver a result-oriented counseling session with students and working class. It provides accurate and most reliable ways to analysis and deliver career counselling effectively. It is structure to transform a passionate individual to a successful counselor. A successful completion of the program offers you an opportunity to work with Zenith Education as an accredited counselor with steady and constant counseling job which can help you earn a very huge income on daily and month basis. An average counseling session takes minimum of 40 minutes and maximum of 60 minutes. Our Counsellors are given 24-hour support from our Training Team to ensure optimal performances and efficiency

Certified Career Analyst Counselling Training

The Certified Career Analyst programme has been designed to teach you the art and science of the professional career counselling using most advanced scientific tool and analysis. The curriculum of CCA program is very comprehensive and covers all aspects of career counselling from basic to advance. The facilitators and trainers are international experts in the field of Career Counselling. On completion of the program every participant needs to appear in the online examination. Every participant needs to secure a minimum 70% mark in the exam to get Certified Career Analyst certification for career counsellors. A counselor with CCA certification is more qualified for career counseling to work with Zenith Education, he/she gets more sessions of career counselling job. A –CCA Counsellor can graduate to establish his own Career Counselling Firm if he chooses to do so after a period of time or immediately after the training.

What happens after the training?

Not only do you get eligible to our accredited counseling programme you will also get an opportunity to start your own venture, enter into a side-gig or take up the job of a professional career counselor of which the benefit include the following:

Start getting paid projects from Zenith Education to counsel students immediately after getting certified and accredited.

Zenith Education certified counselors have the potential to earn well above N100, 000 per month through our partnership.

Tread the entrepreneurship journey by being able to venture out your own career counseling centre.

Be a better psychologist by getting trained to interpret psychometric assessment reports in details.

Become a bona-fide career counsellor by learning the latest career counselling techniques that work.

Dive deep into the career landscape and acquire first-hand knowledge on traditional & new age career choices.

Join a handpicked network of certified career counselors and learn through this exclusive community.

Get free training materials and other resources for marketing and presentations to conduct workshops or for counseling your clients.

Access to Zenith Education counsellor dashboard for your use.


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