Business Opportunity in Career Counseling

Career Counseling is a unique area in education sector that has not the exploited in Nigeria. With population of about 80 million students and very large numbers of working professionals, there a lot of opportunities in Career counselling business.

Why Investing in Career Counselling Business?

In Nigeria today, Career Counselling is an emerging area in education sector with a vast market

Students choose their career paths randomly 99%
Students are not getting career guidance support from their schools 99%
Student population has no access to trained career counsellors in Nigeria 99%

Benefits and Features of Business Opportunity in Career Counseling

  • More than 30 hours of Career Analysis & Counselling Training.
  • Live instructor-led Online and Offline Training Program.
  • Conceptual & Practical knowledge through case studies, Scenarios analysis & counselling delivery.
  • Overview of Career Assessment tool and Counselling Platform.
  • Own Branded Psychometric and Career Counselling Platform.
  • Business and lead Generation Support.
  • Career Counsellor Empanelment.
  • Professional Certification in Career Counselling – Certified Career Analyst.
  • Learn and start your own career counseling practice using latest technologies.
  • Provide career counseling to professionals, graduate and students scientifically.
  • Increase your reach, improve your online visibility and multiply your earnings.
  • Practical and holding support 24/7.
  •  Implement career counseling in schools, and other educational institutions.


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