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A technology-driven firm positioned to revolutionize the education sector in Nigeria, particularly in areas of career counseling, study in India programme, Online degree Programme, academic development, teaching improvement and other related education support services.

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What We Do...

At Zenith Education we pride ourselves in providing unbiased career counseling, career guidance and international education services to all levels of students, graduates, working class, professionals, and other stakeholders in the education sector. We are professionally equipped to render 360-degree services to Schools (public and private), Non- Governmental Organizations - NGOs, Governments and Cooperate bodies in the process of delivering qualitative education.

We are dedicated to improving education and learning through rigorous research, the continuous development of various programs that will enhance knowledge and knowledge-economy of Nigeria through strategic partnerships with local and international organisations.

Our Unique Valued Services

In collaboration with our international strategic partners we bring innovation and technology driven platform to revolutionalised career counseling and business in Nigeria

Study in India Programme

The Study in India programme seeks to endorse India as a prime education hub for international students by inviting them to pursue their higher education in the country. With an attractive set of salient features, the programme is the perfect platform for international students to experience the best of what Indian education has to offer. Therefore, it encourages international students to explore valuable educational opportunities enabled by the top Indian universities.

Online Degree programme

Zenith Education online degree programmes are in conjunction with top recognized Universities in India. We offer online bachelor's, master's, and certificate courses in varied areas such as management, information Technology, Data Sciences, Retail Management, and Communication Skills.

Career Counselling

Our comprehensive 5-dimention career assessment is considered as industry benchmark. Our focus is to provide professional, effective, value for money and unbiased career counselling and guidance services to secondary students, university undergraduates/graduates, parents and all level of professionals. Our services are also extended to schools, non-profits, organizations, governments and other agencies in education and labour sector.

Online Career Assessment

Zenith Education realized that student career counselling problems can be addressed with appropriate online career counselling or face to face career counselling during a session with a trained career counsellor. For all the students who are confused about their career path, it would be a wise decision to take a career counselling session with a trained career counsellor. Our services are also extended to schools, non-profits, organizations, and other agencies.

Career Planning and Counselling

Career counselling provides better understand and clarity about the career. It saves a lot of time, money, and frustration because of career indecisiveness. A career counsellor not only helps the student to find out the most suitable career option but also provide a detailed execution plan. Career counselling helps to make informed career decisions.

Personality Assessment Tests

Psychometric career assessment test is a diagnosis tool used to identify, explore the strengths of the candidate and find out the most suitable career path. It helps the students and professionals to understand their personality, interest, aptitude. It is widely used to make informed career decisions help individuals to understand their skills and talent and guide individual in the right direction.

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