(Government of India Scholarship Programme for Africa)

iLearn Scholarship

Prioritising the preparation and training of our people for the 21st century, India has committed 15,000 scholarships to students and professionals in Africa by providing opportunities in online education. These include, short-term courses, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and continued medical education. The scholarship will cover the tuition fees to attend an Indian university that will award the certificate or the degree. For short-term courses, an examination fee exemption is provided.

The offered courses are categorized as: undergraduate, postgraduate, short-term/certificate.


  • Full Scholarships for Online Degrees and Certificates: Apply for scholarships to cover your tuition or examination fees.
  • Designed To Fit Your Schedule: Enjoy accessing course material anytime, anywhere.
  • Innovative Learning Experience: Develop 21st-century skills by choosing from a diverse set of courses.
  • Study New Age Courses: Opportunity to study new age programs at JAIN University with innovative learning experience
  • Learn From Academicians and Industry Experts: Apply academic theory to real-life experiences by learning from a distinguished faculty.
  • Study and Collaborate with International Students: Become part of a talented international community by collaborating in peer-to-peer sessions throughout your program.
  • Localized Examination Facilities: Appear and take examinations in your own country.



Mizoram University, Aizawl Mizoram, India

Jain University, Bangalore, India.

Jain (Deem to be University) Bangalore, India

Chandigarh University, Chandigarh, India.

Chandigarh University

Hindustan Institute of Technology

Hindustan Institute of Technology


  1. Passport Photograph
  2. A valid International Passport Data Page OR Government issued Proof of Identity (National ID/ Voter ID)
  3. Birth Certificate/ Other certificate of Proof of birth
  4. Senior Secondary School Certificate
  5. Transcript for undergraduate degree (optional)
  6. Certificate for undergraduate degree
  7. Other academic or professional certificate
  8. Detailed CV/Resume
document required


  1. Fill accurately the Registration Form below
  2. Make Payment of Processing/ Application fee to Account Name: Zenith Education and Career Development Nigeria Limited. Bank: Zenith Bank Plc. Account No: 1017751907.
  1. Send evidence of payment via WhatsApp to  +2348104913744
  2. Zenith Education will contact you and register you on the university’s portal. 
  3. You will be contacted by the University to confirm your Application. 
  4. University will process your Admission and Issue Admission Letter. 
  5. Payment of the one-time registration fee of $150 to Zenith Education/University.

    Domiciliary Account: Zenith Bank 5071565849

  6. Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India issue /offer you the iLearn Scholarship. 
  1. Registration of course with the University.
  2. Confirmation of your studentship by Zenith Education. 
  3. Relating with Zenith Education for guidance and any assistance throughout your programme. 

Please Note: 

  • After selection, the selected students can access these universities for Studies, Examination, Certificate, graduation ceremony etc.,. Selected students will be provided with required details at the time of orientation.
  • You shall be a candidate of the Zenith Education i-Learn Programme through the period of your study. 
  • Zenith Education shall provide you with all necessary support through out your programme. 


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